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Grief is a very personal journey and there is no single right way to do it. Honoring your feelings and leaning into what feels supportive is a good place to start. It can also be comforting to find out what has been helpful for others who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss.

Every resource in our library has been personally recommended by someone who has been impacted by baby loss. This community-based tool is designed to make it easy for loss families to access and share information and ideas. Peer suggestions are not recommendations from Griffin Cares Foundation. It is important to remember that everyone grieves differently and may find different resources to be helpful. 

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Children and Grief

Resources to help you talk to your children about baby loss, support siblings through grief, and parent after loss.

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Coping After Baby Loss

Support options, self-care strategies, personal reflections and inspiration from other loss moms and birthing parents.

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Dads and Partners

Supportive guidance, information, and peer recommendations from fellow loss dads and non-birthing partners.

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Grief and Mental Health

Information about grief, perinatal bereavement, postpartum mental health, and mental health support options.

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Medical Information and Research

Information and research about pregnancy and infant loss including miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, and SIDS.

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Our Unique Family

Resources addressing the specific needs and concerns of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and TFMR families.

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Pregnancy After Loss

Health information, specialized providers, and emotional support to help you plan for and manage a rainbow pregnancy.

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Ideas to help you honor your baby, acknowledge milestones, and create meaningful rituals and family traditions.

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Supporting a Loved One

Information for grandparents, family, and friends to help you care for others – and yourself – through grief.

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The Griffin Cares Peer Mentor Program is open to bereaved parents who have lived with loss for at least one year and feel that they are in a place in their grief journey where they can support someone else. Birthing parents and non-birthing partners are welcome to participate. All mentors must complete a training program and meet with our Peer Mentor Team prior to taking on a mentee. Ongoing support for mentors is provided.
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Support services provided by Griffin Cares Foundation connect baby loss families with fellow peers for shared support and community. They are not a replacement for professional therapy or medical care. This form serves as your registration to participate in all Griffin Cares support programs and only needs to be completed one time. Once you submit your registration, the Griffin Cares Support Team will reach out to provide more information and answer any questions. Additional program details are available in our FAQs.
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