We are so sorry for the heartbreak you are facing.

Griffin Cares Foundation provides support for families who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss. Our community is here to help you honor your baby, take care of yourself, and navigate life after loss.

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You Are Not Alone

It may feel like there is no one who can possibly understand the place you are in, but we get it.

Connect with other parents who understand how you feel, talk one-on-one with a loss mentor, and explore resources to help you remember your baby with love and develop a path towards healing. No matter where you are on your grief journey, there is a place for you in the Griffin Cares community.

Grief Touches Everyone in Different Ways

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Explore grief resources for family members and discover ways to support a loved one whose baby has died.

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Share your time, experience, or expertise to help families who are coping with a pregnancy or infant loss.

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Art from the Heart

The original artwork on our home page was created by Francesca and Vincent Ramirez, talented artists and longtime members of the Griffin Cares community, in memory of their beloved daughter, Luna Celeste.

This beautiful and emotional piece evokes the themes of love, loss, and connection at the heart of Griffin Cares, and showcases the moon, a meaningful shared symbol of remembrance.

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The Griffin Cares Peer Mentor Program is open to bereaved parents who have lived with loss for at least one year and feel that they are in a place in their grief journey where they can support someone else. Birthing parents and non-birthing partners are welcome to participate. All mentors must complete a training program and meet with our Peer Mentor Team prior to taking on a mentee. Ongoing support for mentors is provided.
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Griffin Cares offers a safe space for baby loss families to share peer to peer support in an inclusive, respectful environment. Our programs are not a substitute for professional therapy or medical care. Submitting this form provides your consent to treat all community members with kindness and respect and to honor the privacy and confidentiality of group and individual discussions.

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