Supporting a Loved One

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Baby/Family Portrait
Hand-drawn portraits by an artist who works with the families of stillborn babies.
Bodily is a clothing line for pregnant and postpartum women that has a dedicated...
Lighthouse Memorial Image
Children’s Memorial Edgartown Lighthouse, Martha’s Vineyard
Memorializing children who left us too soon, the lighthouse is a working lighthouse illuminating...
Book cover for Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief
Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief
This book gives readers a roadmap to remembering those who have died with more...
Forever Connected
Forever Connected
A great book for feeling connected through signs! The level is a little higher...
Gift Giving
We are thinking about starting a yearly toy drive or just donating toys for...
Memory Box image
Memory Box
This large-sized box was available on Etsy. It is handmade and can be personalized...
Molly Bears image
Molly Bears
Molly Bears provides a teddy bear weighing the same amount as your angel with...
Mommy Says I Have a Brother
Mommy Says I Have a Brother
A book for younger children to discuss a sibling they cannot see.
Personalized Remembrance Candle for Baby
Personalized Remembrance Candle for Baby
Beautiful candle holder in honor of your baby. You can add your baby’s name...
Personalized Star
A really meaningful gift to honor someone’s lost child.
NILMDTS Logo-Approved
Remembrance Photo Retouching
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep offers free professional retouching services for photographs...
Drawing of a heart with hands lovingly place on it
Ring Theory Helps Us Bring Comfort In
A framework to help family and friends support loss parents.
The Invisible String-Approved
The Invisible String
A heartwarming story that reassures children that even though they can’t always be with...
Logo Walter's Bears-Approved
Walter’s Bears
Therapeutic teddy bear that is custom weighted to be the same weight as your...
When Dinosaurs Die
When Dinosaurs Die
Children’s book about death and grief.

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The Griffin Cares Peer Mentor Program is open to bereaved parents who have lived with loss for at least one year and feel that they are in a place in their grief journey where they can support someone else. Birthing parents and non-birthing partners are welcome to participate. All mentors must complete a training program and meet with our Peer Mentor Team prior to taking on a mentee. Ongoing support for mentors is provided.
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Support services provided by Griffin Cares Foundation connect baby loss families with fellow peers for shared support and community. They are not a replacement for professional therapy or medical care. This form serves as your registration to participate in all Griffin Cares support programs and only needs to be completed one time. Once you submit your registration, the Griffin Cares Support Team will reach out to provide more information and answer any questions. Additional program details are available in our FAQs.
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