Coping After Baby Loss

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An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination
One woman’s heart-wide-open story of her stillbirth. Cover photo courtesy of Hachette Book Group.
Drawing of an outline of a head with a heart where the brain would be
An Ugly Pair of Shoes
Bodily is a clothing line for pregnant and postpartum women that has a dedicated...
Breaking The Silence-Approved
Breaking the Silence: A quest for answers
Ann ONeill’s personal story of how she leared the cause of her son, Elijah’s,...
Empty Cradle, Broken Heart-Approved
Empty Cradle, Broken Heart
Empty Cradle, Broken Heart, offers reassurance to parents who struggle with anger, guilt, and...
Glow In The Woods logo
Glow In The Woods
Online forum for baby loss. Logo courtesy of Glow in the Woods.
Guided Journal-Approved
Guided Journal
A guided journal, created by a GCF member, which includes a mood scale, gratitude...
Logo of the Not Safe For Mom Group podcast
Life After Stillbirth
Podcast interview of Anna Feldberg, Griffin Cares Board Member, by Not Safe for Mom...
MTP logo-Approved
Measure The Placenta
Instagram account run by a non-profit committed to making Estimated Placental Volume the standard...
Molly Bears image
Molly Bears
Molly Bears provides a teddy bear weighing the same amount as your angel with...
Mother’s Milk Bank Northeast
Donate your breastmilk to babies in need of milk in honor of your beloved...
Drawing of a stack of books
Our Baby Died at 23 Weeks; A Simple Test Could Have Saved His Life
Dr. Spiro-Levitt shares her personal experience with incompetent cervix (IC) and the loss of...
Placenta Holds Answers-Approved
Placenta holds answers to many unexplained pregnancy losses, study finds
Yale researchers have shown that examining the placenta can determine the cause of more...
Pockets of Light Logo-Approved
Pockets of Light
Pockets of Light provides support groups for Stillbirth/Infant loss, miscarriage, and pregnancy after loss....
PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy
Non-profit organization run by volunteers consisting of loss parents/grandparents with a focus on research,...
Book cover for Signs: The Secret Language of The Universe
Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe
Laura Lynn Jackson is a psychic medium and best-selling author. Her second book, Signs,...
Social Media
Stillbirth Mama Fighting For Light
Instagram account run by a Latinx loss mom named Dominique who spreads stillbirth and...
The For You Foundation logo-Approved
The For You Foundation
The For You Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports mothers who have experienced...
Unimaginable - eBook
Unimaginable: Life After Baby Loss
Brooke Taylor tells the story of learning to live with a broken heart that...
Logo Walter's Bears-Approved
Walter’s Bears
Therapeutic teddy bear that is custom weighted to be the same weight as your...
Wholeness After Loss Logo
Wholeness After Loss
Trauma-sensitive postpartum body restoration, yoga, and healing for birthing mothers and their partners who...
Yoga with Adriene Logo-Approved
Yoga For Grief
Grief-themed yoga practice from Yoga with Adriene. Logo courtesy of Yoga with Adriene.
Book cover for You Are The Mother of All Mothers
You Are the Mother of All Mothers
Author Angela Miller calls this a message of hope for the grieving heart and...

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